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Non-Farm Payroll Report Presents New Opportunities Today for Forex Traders

Did you know about the opportunities that the NFP Payroll presents when it is released today? It is released Every First Friday of the Month.

Last month, the NFP posted a result of 1.76 million jobs added, despite the gains of 4.8 million jobs added in the past month, and the new COVID-19 restrictions that were announced in some states.

When NFP results are released, it creates significant volatility in the Forex market for all pairs with the USD currency. The graph above showcases the NFP results in the last month, displaying the EURUSD making a swing of over 80 pips in the hours after the NFP results were released. A profit of up to $800 per lot was possible.

With volatility like this, it is easy to see why traders love the release of the NFP results.

The NFP report will be released TODAY! Friday at 8.30am Eastern Standard Time.

Above picture is last months (July 2020) when the NFP was released. Very voilital time to trade. Many Forex Traders make thousands during this time Scalping EURUSD!

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