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Trend-line bounce rules and confluences to look for:

The trend is always a traders friend only if they adhere to the directional bias. This steadfast rule also applies to trading trend-lines, basically meaning you should only look to buy at bullish support areas above the trend-line or sell at bearish resistance areas below the trend-lineTrading only in the direction of the trend well let you exploit potential trend-line bounces as efficiently as possible. And while they won't always give you 100% winning trades, the trades that are winners should deliver more pips than had if you would when attempting to place trades against the trend.

Here is a clear example displaying the point in which we should wait for when trading a trend-line bounce. This 3rd point/ strike rule is for the Weekly + Daily trend-line bounces only, not couter trend-lines which we will get to shortly. Confluences are listed on the next page.

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