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Forex Gal is dedicated to FX Forex Trading Investors. You can learn how to Master Forex Trading with exclusive strategies published here for Free.


Many Forex Investor Traders are quite successful. The Forex strategies published on Forex Gal came from a Forex Course I attended June 2019.  

You can use the Forex Strategies with Stocks & Crypto too. The base is being able to read Candle Sticks and Charts. Which we provide here for you.

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Have fun learning Trend Lines, Fibonacci, Chart Patterns, Japanese Candle Sticks, Channel Trading, Top Down Analysis, Scalping and Journaling.



> What is Forex?

Learn the basics about Forex and Best times to Trade.

> What is Forex Scalping?

> Forex Trend Lines

Many tend to struggle with Trend Lines application as they simple do not have any organization and order to perform technical analysis.

> Channel Trading

Technical Charting Pattern. Head and Shoulder, Neckline, Double Top and Bottom, Pennants and Triangles.

> Fibonacci

The Fibonacci Levels to focus on primarily.


> Candle Sticks

Japanese price action formations.

> Chart Patterns

Learn Triangle Formations.

>  Top and Down Analysis

Review 1 thru 7 steps


> Journaling

The important of keeping logs is important to successful trading habits.

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